Arian Pipe Company in 2001 in order to be self-sufficient and prototyping in the country’s installation industry for the first time by launching one of the newest lines in the world and training efficient engineers, producing five-layer PEX-AL-PEX pipes with very high quality and in accordance with the standard ISIRI National 12753-2 and Arian Pipe Trade Letter started in Isfahan Industrial Zone. The leading movement of Arian Baspar Zande Rood Company in the field of five-layer pipes has continued since 2003 using modern PEX and PERT polymers and in accordance with Articles 14 and 16 of the National Building Regulations and using the most equipped laboratory available for consumption for systems. It supplied water supply, cooling and heating to the market. The pipes of this company are able to withstand a pressure of 10 bar due to the use of special longitudinal welding of aluminum and due to the special type of polymer is able to withstand a temperature of 80oC. It is worth mentioning that Arian Pipe’s connections are in the form of presses, couplings, clamps and threads that can be provided to consumers.


Address: No. 160, 14th sub-street, 1st Industrial Street, Isfahan

Phone: +983135721761-4

Fax: +98135724421


Arian Baspar Zendeh Rood

The first manufacturer of five-layer pipes with teal welding technology in Iran and press, coupler, clamp and threaded fittings